Nadiya Ruth

Nadiya Ruth (aka Ruthie) was born on October 24th at 6:24am, 7lbs 13oz, and 21 & 1/4" long. She is named after two of her great-grandmothers, Esperanza Herrera, and Ruth Grauman (Esperanza means hope in Spanish, while Nadiya means hope in Russian). She was named in the hope that she will stand for the hope of the gospel to the nations found only in Christ. Thus her name means hope, and it is an international name (it's common in several cultures). Also, Ruth was one of the few Gentiles in the Old Testament who was saved and brought into God's people; an example of God's grace to the nations. Melody and baby are both doing well. We just got home today (Thursday). Please feel free to forward this site on to anyone interested.